We are here to help you launch your life!

Who We Are

Red Mountain Sedona is a team of highly-trained, experienced and skilled experts in the field of mindfulness-based young adult treatment.    We are a transitional program located in the majestic beauty of Sedona, Arizona, designed to help young adults with behavioral and / or emotional challenges “launch” into fulfilling, productive adult lives.

What We Do

Our clients engage in a daily matrix of training the mind, body and spirit using meditation, mindfulness, martial arts, Yoga, life skills, psychotherapy, and vigorous physical activity. We help our clients to find their joy, develop real-life skills to handle life on life’s terms, and realize their unique life’s purpose. We help our clients cease from harmful and non-working behavior, replacing these behaviors with healthier choices which instill wisdom, competence, confidence, and self-esteem.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness the “backbone” of the Red Mountain program.   While we engage in many practicalities such as teaching our clients life skills, helping them achieve financial independence, and recovering from emotional issues, all of these activities take place in the space created by mindfulness.

Mindfulness is an ancient practice with cutting-edge connotations. Through the simple act of noticing – becoming mindful of habitual thoughts and patterns – clients learn to interrupt their self-destructive patterns of thought and behavior, and re-wire the brain to pause before acting and make better choices.

This is achieved through seated meditation; moving meditations such as martial arts, Yoga, hiking and other adventures; and cognitive-behavioral therapy.    Our clients often “catch” themselves before engaging in a non-working behavior, and are able to make healthier choices due to the power of mindfulness.

This makes our program particularly powerful for those who have struggled to maintain progress after engaging in other therapy programs in the past.   We can often help clients across the “finish line” where other programs have failed to do so.

Who We Work With

We work with young men and women ages 18 and up who have struggled to gain traction in life.   This “failure to launch” could be due to any number of issues such as drug and alcohol abuse, poor life skills, emotional and behavioral challenges, and / or compulsive behavior.  Our clients have usually completed previous treatment and need help transitioning into a full, rich life.

Through engaging in the Red Mountain program, our clients change from the inside out, engaging in a path of mindfulness, physical fitness, fellowship, spiritual and emotional growth, and personal transformation.  Along the way, they gain the following skills: time management, emotional regulation, financial management, motivation, physical fitness, healthy eating, academic achievement, and job training.   Our graduates are happy, healthy, independent young adults who are ready to thrive and have achieved a track record of success.

Our Outcomes

Our graduates embody accountability, dignity, open-mindedness, curiosity, serenity, and strength of character. They are strong in their recovery from the issues that brought them into treatment, respectful of self and others, confident and engaged. They have established goals and are clear on how to reach them, are strong and healthy in mind, body and spirit, have healed their interpersonal relationships, and are engaged in positive activities and choices on a daily basis.  Recent graduates of Red Mountain have received college scholarships and government internships, and are typically enrolled in school and / or working full time and supporting themselves by the time they graduate.

Mission Statement

Red Mountain Sedona is the premier mindfulness-based young adult transition program in the world. We help our clients learn, heal and grow in a supportive, structured, caring environment in which they achieve their full potential.


We believe in going much deeper than a traditional therapy or 12-step program. While therapy and the 12-steps are extremely important, building a life of productive recovery requires development of the mind, body, and spirit at a deep level, and additional modalities are needed to achieve that goal.

HEAL the past

We will help you heal from past trauma, grief and loss, and any wreckage caused by your own poor decisions. We will help you rebuild relationships with family, loved ones, and, most importantly…YOURSELF.

LOVE the present

Through ancient mindfulness techniques and cutting-edge therapy, we will help you learn to LIVE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT, free of fretting about the past or future. We believe, “To LIVE in the present is to LOVE the present.”

CREATE your future

By short-circuiting the self-limiting beliefs and self-limiting behaviors you have been floundering in for far too long. Some programs teach practical life skills, but don’t address the complex emotional issues that may be holding you back.

We believe in the ability of every person

We believe in the ability of every person to recover from trauma, anxiety, depression, and poor choices and live a rich life full of meaning and purpose.

We believe the wounds and mistakes of the past can be transformed into powerful energy that can help you build the life you choose for yourself.

We will give you the life skills you need to succeed.   We will equip you with the tools you need to “ride the waves” of emotional ups and downs that are part of life, without reacting in your old ways.   We will help you make better decisions and create a new life path – generating new hope for your future.


Yoga has long been seen as a key component of physical and mental well-being, and promotes physical health, reduced stress, and a sense of inner peace.

T’ai Chi / Martial Arts

Ten-Chi Kenpo, the martial arts style taught at Red Mountain Recovery, is an integrative blend of several arts that focus on harmony, well-being, and spiritual peace.


The potential of mindfulness-based treatment to positively affect the outcome of addiction treatment is truly immense. At Red Mountain Recovery, this potential is fully realized.

Life Skills

Whether they need a job, internship or apprenticeship, or would like to enroll at a University, our hands-on experienced staff will do whatever it takes to help make these things happen.

Adventure Therapy

Adventure therapy is a specialized field that uses outdoor adventure activities to promote interpersonal, social and psychological wellness and change.


Many studies have shown that nutrition is a key part of feeding the “addict brain” and staying sober. We teach our clients how to eat right for the rest of their lives.

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