12 Steps

Recovery at Red Mountain Sedona

12 Steps at Red Mountain Sedona

12-step-programIn the beginning, if you have issues with substances or other compulsive behavior, we will do some 12-step work, even if you don’t identify as an “addict.” If you don’t connect with the 12 steps, or you are here for other reasons, such as trauma, anxiety or depression, you will not need to pursue the practice of the 12 steps during your time here.

We do feel the 12 steps are helpful in learning to let go of your ego, practice service, and find freedom from compulsive behavior. If you are already familiar with the 12 steps, you will enjoy deepening your understanding of them here.   If not, we will help you begin to explore this powerful healing modality.  If it works for you, you can pursue it further, and if not, we will not force you.