Life Skills Training for Young Adults

Image of troubled young womanRed Mountain Sedona is a Therapeutic Healing and Rehabilitation Program for young adults offering Life Skills Training as an Aftercare Program for Young Adults. Our professional and specialized clinical services include meditation programs, yoga, martial arts, hiking, and 12-step discussion. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that a "mindful," healthy life is more enjoyable and peaceful than a life of compulsive behavior and internal strife. 

Life skills are crucial to sobriety and successful living. Many treatment centers do not sufficiently prepare clients in this vital area. We prepare our clients to live independently, and instruct them in many things, such as:

  • Balancing checkbooks
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Self-care
  • Physical health through nutrition and exercise
  • Apply and interview for jobs
  • Follow up with thank you notes
  • Many other aspects of etiquette and protocol

Aftercare Program for Young Adults

Those who assist us here at Red Mountain Sedona guide each client through their own healing from past trauma, depression, loss, and chaos caused by poor decision-making. Our professional team features two Ivy-League-educated physicians (psychiatrist and internal medicine), and a licensed psychologist. 

We also utilize our very own professional counselor, substance abuse counselor, music teacher, equine specialist, two meditation instructors, a music teacher, and yoga instructor. All of them inspire our patrons to live better, rebuild damaged relationships with family and friends, and to learn how to respect and love themselves. We find that it is imperative to eliminate the beliefs of "I can't do it," by reminding our clients of how unique and successful they truly are. We show them the path to their brighter future.

Location of Life Skills Training Program

Red Mountain is located in the beautiful hills of Sedona, Arizona. It affords a quiet, natural atmosphere, that lends to the peaceful ambiance that this program offers.

Red Mountain Sedona - Young adult girls experiencing adventure therapyWe will help you heal from the trauma, sadness, and pain that is holding you back from moving forward in life. We will help you restore the relationships with your family, loved ones, and—most importantly—yourself.

Each of our clients stay in elegant apartments in the beautiful setting of Sedona, Arizona. All of them have 24/7 access to our highly trained, knowledgeable staff. While there, each client learns helpful meditation techniques, life skills, 12-step recovery abilities, and they will take part in our innovative equine therapy and psychotherapy services.

We are established just minutes from bike trails, coffee shops, and restaurants, as well as the amazing Bell Rock Trail. Many people come from all over the globe to enjoy Sedona's healing environment and majestic views. What better place to learn how to live healthy than in one of the most beautiful cities in the nation?

We stand by our motto: "Heal the Past, Love the Present, and Create your Future." These simple guidelines will allow you a lifetime of peace and happiness—we are here to help you achieve exactly that. 

What Makes Red Mountain Sedona So Unique?

There are many aspects of our program that make us stand out from the rest. Just some of them are:

Red Mountain Sedona - Young adult male meditating in the mountains and in recoveryAdventure Therapy

What better way to experience life outside of your sadness than a healthy adventure? Adventure therapy is a specialized profession that utilizes outdoor adventure activities to promote social, interpersonal, and psychological wellness. Different than other, more verbally-based therapies, adventure therapy inspires individuals to become both mentally and physically involved in the exercises. These can include wilderness expeditions, trust-building activities, ropes courses, and rock climbing.

Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy incorporates horses into an experience that promotes learning and emotional growth. It is a collaborative endeavor between the client and a trained equine therapist as they work to address treatment goals. Equine therapy encourages individuals to become more conscious of their emotions, and how their behavior influences others. It can also help them to reconnect with a broad range of emotions such as despair, fear, and joy—all of which they may have avoided or ignored previously.


We are keenly aware of the need for ideal physical health in order to accomplish mental and emotional healing. At Red Mountain Sedona, we serve delectable meals that utilize a variety of fresh and local ingredients. Studies have proven that nutrition is a vital part of feeding the "addict brain" and remaining sober. We educate our clients on how to eat right for the rest of their lives. All meal plans are personally customized by our certified nutrition coach.

At Red Mountain, we refuse to be just another treatment facility. Rather, we are a home, a new way of life that promotes healing and healthy change. To find out more about how we can redirect you to your path of success, call us at (855) 998-5272.

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