Life Skills

Many young adult transitional programs expect their clients to magically know how to “do life” after primary treatment has been completed. However, this is an unfair expectation for clients who have either never learned how to cook, clean, balance a checkbook, get a job, or manage their time, or for those who have been taught these skills but not practiced them enough to turn them into habits.

Some programs (and clients, and parents) think that with therapy alone, young adults should be able to successfully “launch” into successful, productive lives. However, we have found that a concerted effort must be put into the development and repetition of life skills for a successful “launch” to take place.

At Red Mountain Sedona (RMS), we take treatment a step further and incorporate essential life skills into our program. We are committed to the idea that our clients should be able to leave us and hit the ground running, already set up for success. They will have the confidence in themselves to take on the world, and throughout their stay at Red Mountain, we give our clients the tools they will need to succeed in the real world.

Whether they need a job, internship, or apprenticeship, or want to enroll at a college or university, our hands-on, experienced staff will do whatever it takes to help make sure these outcomes happen.

Our staff teaches our clients etiquette and protocols for successful living. We stress the importance of staying on top of your finances, from budgeting expenses and savings to balancing a checkbook and comparing statements against online banking and current balances. In fact, in order to “move up” and through each phase of the program, studying financial skills and demonstrating increased financial competence is required.

We also provide local work opportunities from day one; our graduates gain access to our network of businesses willing to provide valuable experience and the opportunity to earn money (please see our “Job Success” tab for more information on how we help our clients succeed vocationally).

As clients progress in our program, we encourage them to seek out employment or volunteer opportunities. Whether it’s an entry-level position such as a barista or sandwich artist, a more skilled position such as a park ranger or electrician, or even something entrepreneurial, we will help our clients find and follow through on the right opportunities.

We also provide education and help with resume building and/or editing, interviewing skills, and appropriate behavior at work and during the interview process. Our goal is to help secure a job for our clients so that they can enjoy the fruits of their labor.

If school is a priority, we help clients compile a list of possibilities, guide them through the application and financial aid process, and when they are accepted will help them choose a focus and guide them through course registration. We also offer syllabus review and tutoring for our clients who are enrolled in school (please see our “School Success” tab for more information on how we help our clients achieve academic success).

We believe in teaching our clients about self-care, ranging from health and nutrition to physical and mental fitness. We provide education on proper diet and nutrition, and teach our clients how to plan and execute meals that are both healthy and delicious. While at Red Mountain, clients do their own shopping and meal preparation with help from our expert staff, learning how to balance different food groups, allowing for variety in their diet with proper portion control. Clients then see the positive results in mood and energy levels when the body is properly fed.

Another aspect of healthy living is maintaining a clean living space. Our clients participate in daily and weekly housekeeping, including making their beds and doing dishes, vacuuming, and other aspects of keeping a neat home. The home environment affects their inner world and vice versa, and we advocate improving their mood through caring for their living space.

Finally, we believe that mental and physical fitness go hand in hand, which is why we offer a variety of opportunities to work on both. We meditate as a group each weekday, and work with our clients to build and expand on their mindfulness practices by offering yoga four times a week and martial arts twice a week.

Each client is also given a gym membership and will be taken to the gym at least five times per week.

Weekly, we offer “Adventure therapy" which gets clients outside in the beautiful Arizona scenery to interact with nature and have fun at the same time (Please see our “Adventure” section for more on the great times our clients have each Saturday).

When our clients’ time at RMS has come to an end, they will be fully prepared to succeed on whatever path they have chosen. They are healthy, confident, spiritually enriched, substance-free, and self-sufficient. This is achieved through outstanding clinical care, constant reinforcement of new habits, and the vital life skills they learn and practice every day.

  • Finances: Balancing checkbooks, comparing statements to online banking and current balances, planning expenditures, budgeting, and saving, etc.
  • Job Skills: We provide local work opportunities from Day One, giving our clients local job references, valuable experience, and the opportunity to earn money. As clients progress in the program, we encourage them to seek employment and / or volunteer opportunities. Those new to the workforce may pursue entry-level work experiences such as sandwich shops, coffee shops, grocery stores, and retail shops. More experienced clients may explore skilled labor such as park ranger and electrician jobs, entrepreneurial opportunities, and other “outside the box” opportunities that help you pursue your passions. We will help with:
    • Resume construction and / or editing
    • Job interview skills
    • Interview etiquette and follow-up (preparation and presentation, wardrobe, thank-you notes, etc.)

We help clients secure and maintain a job and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

  • Cooking: How to plan and execute a meal, and how to make a meal both delicious AND nutritious.
  • Cleaning: Both daily and weekly housekeeping, including making beds, dishes, vacuuming, and other aspects of keeping a nice home. We believe the home environment affects the inner world and vice versa, and teach our clients how to improve mood through caring for their living space.
  • Nutrition: Balancing different food groups, having variety in your diet, making good decisions with food, appropriate portion control (not overeating or undereating), seeing the positive results in mood and energy level when the body is properly fed.
  • Exercise: Whether a client is a seasoned athlete or is trying to get in shape, we will help improve their physical fitness. We believe strongly in the power of endorphins generated naturally by the body through physical activity. We also believe a healthy, active lifestyle will help you emerge from your negative habits into a productive, happy life. To this end, we offer the following exercise opportunities:
    • Gym 5x / week
    • Martial Arts 3x / week
    • Adventure Therapy 2x / week

Life Skills

Red Mountain Sedona is a premier young adult transition program, built on the shoulders of some of the most experienced and well-respected individuals in the field of young adult treatment. Most of our core staff has worked together for years, in some cases for decades, and collectively our team possesses over 150 years of professional clinical experience.