Failure to Launch

Helping Young Adults Become Independent

Failure to Launch - Helping Young Adults Become Independent

The United States is facing an epidemic of young adults who are unmotivated or afraid to leave their homes and progress into the next phase of life. These young people, who are caught between worldslazy and struggling with poor life skills, find it difficult to transition from adolescence to adulthood. Although this trend is gaining momentum, and many are trapped in its vicious cycle, there is still hope.

At Red Mountain Sedona (RMS), we have developed a life-changing environment that helps underachieving young adults form the necessary skills that will help them transform their thinking and cross the bridge that leads to adulthood.

These skills include:

• Goal-setting.
• Financial planning.
• Cleaning.
• Time management.
• Vocational training.
• Etiquette.
• Sleep hygiene.
• Ending self-defeating behaviors.
• Learning how to have fun in a safe way.
• Effective communication.
• Exercise.
• Nutrition.

We help our clients set goals, and then give them the tools and motivation they need to move toward fulfilling them. As they accomplish the tasks that propel them forward, a strong sense of confidence and optimism arises. This “achievement cycle” creates a profound sense of success for the client, giving them a new perspective on their abilities and role in the community.

In response to a healing environment and supportive coaching, RMS clients develop the skills necessary to plan their life journey and follow it in a satisfying way.

Our clients have experienced the “miracle of emerging,” transitioning from “being stuck and paralyzed” to becoming “optimistic and confident.” Often, young adults who have substance issues or suffer from depression become “locked up” emotionally and stuck in an immature life development stage. Our end goal is to eradicate this type of thinking by giving them successful encounters with the very fears that have consumed them. This leads to a powerful and lasting transformation.

Red Mountain Sedona - A Proven Method of Hope


Our clients learn to become independent adults by adopting the life skills and mental mechanics necessary to make good decisions, manage the day effectively, find and keep a job, pay their bills, and complete school or begin a vocational job training program. They learn to care for themselves and advance their lives productively.

RMS offers skills training in the areas of resume building, job coaching, personal finances, cooking and cleaning, academic and GED support, and college coaching.

We help our clients rediscover their joy and develop inherent capabilities so that they can handle life on their own terms. They will learn the power of setting goals and the mastery to turn those goals into reality. We help our clients to cease harmful and immature behaviors and replace them with healthier life choices – all on their own. Our graduates transition from RMS back into the real world with instilled wisdom, personal competence, self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-determination. As a result, they emerge filled with a newfound optimism.

Through a unique combination of accountability groups, life-skills training, individual and group counseling, mindfulness instruction, meditation, and community groups, along with community service, our clients emerge as empowered young adults able to live and grow independently.

In other words, they “Launch their Lives!”