How Do I know If Red Mountain Is Right For Me?

This Is The Key Question

If you struggle with depression, anxiety, past trauma, compulsive behavior, or other issues you’re ready to leave behind, we’re the place for you.

If you’re ready to learn how your mind works and how to work with it more skillfully, we’re the place for you.

If you’re serious about launching your life, and want support to get a job, go to school, and/or find your life path, we’re the place for you.

Why might Red Mountain be the place for you?

Because we have been told many times that we’re the most clinically sophisticated, caring, nurturing transitional program for young adults anywhere.

Because we have an immaculate track record of helping our clients overcome the issues holding them back, and placing them with jobs and schooling situations they love, and where they can thrive.

Because we are seasoned professionals making up a team with shared values. We work alongside one another and our clients to help them meet their full potential in a beautiful, safe environment.

Because each client is respected and given both the freedom and support they need to launch into a productive, happy, healthy, independent life.

Beause we have the experience, heart, and dedication to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

If this is what you’re seeking, we’re the place for you!